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A Golfer's Journey - Alejandro (Ducks Of Greens)

As we embark on this journey to create a golf brand for our community, we encounter a diverse array of individuals, each with unique backgrounds, experiences, and stories. These encounters inspire us to share their narratives, highlighting their personal paths to discovering and embracing the game of golf. By telling their stories, we aim to inspire others, foster a sense of belonging, and build a vibrant community that celebrates the love for golf in all its forms.
Our first profile features Alejandro, a Spanish 12-handicapper and Digital & Innovation expert living in Switzerland. He first tried golf in 2014 to bond with his father, but he only truly embraced the sport during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. He admires golfers like Jon Rahm and Seve Ballesteros, and values the camaraderie and personal challenges the sport offers.
Alejandro's story is a testament to how golf can become a lifelong passion, shaping personal development and offering countless memorable experiences. His insights into golf fashion reflect a broader trend towards modernization and inclusivity in the sport. With that in mind he created a blog and Instagram page called Ducks Of Greens to share his love for style and golf.
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First Steps

Alejandro first dabbled in golf in 2014, taking a few lessons to bond with his father, but it wasn't until the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 that he truly became passionate about the game. The pandemic limited many activities, but golf remained accessible, leading to his addiction to the sport. Alejandro cherishes the challenge of improving his skills and enjoys the camaraderie and fun of spending four hours on the course with friends.

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Thoughts on Golf Fashion

Alejandro has witnessed a transformation in golf fashion, with new brands influenced by street style, surfing, and skateboarding emerging. He appreciates this shift away from the old, elitist style, finding the new trends exciting and stylish. However, based on his 15 years in retail and digital, he predicts that only brands with a strong image, innovation, and high-quality materials will survive in the long run. The successful ones will likely thrive through compelling stories and collaborations.

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