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A Golfer's Journey - Alejandro (Ducks Of Greens)

A Golfer's Journey - Alejandro (Ducks Of Greens)

As we embark on this journey to create a golf brand for our community, we encounter a diverse array of individuals, each with unique backgrounds, experiences, and stories. These encounters inspire us to share their narratives, highlighting their personal paths to discovering and embracing the game of golf. By telling their stories, we aim to inspire others, foster a sense of belonging, and build a vibrant community that celebrates the love for golf in all its forms.

Our first profile features Alejandro, a Spanish 12-handicapper and Digital & Innovation expert living in Switzerland. He first tried golf in 2014 to bond with his father, but he only truly embraced the sport during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. He admires golfers like Jon Rahm and Seve Ballesteros, and values the camaraderie and personal challenges the sport offers.

Alejandro's story is a testament to how golf can become a lifelong passion, shaping personal development and offering countless memorable experiences. His insights into golf fashion reflect a broader trend towards modernization and inclusivity in the sport. With that in mind he created a blog and Instagram page called Ducks Of Greens to share his love for style and golf.

Name: Alejandro
Age: 38
Profession: Digital and Innovation Expert
Handicap: 12
Country: Spanish living in Switzerland

1. How did you get into golf? Can you describe the moment or experience that first sparked your interest in golf? Was it an event, a person, or a specific aspect of the game that drew you in?

I began playing golf in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, that's not entirely true—I took a few lessons back in 2014 to get my handicap so I could enjoy a sport with my father. I played two or three rounds, but I didn't really like it at that time. It was during the COVID lockdown that I became a true golf addict, as it was one of the few sports that could still be played. Like all golfers, I love the challenge of improving, which makes every day a different story. Of course, spending four hours with friends on the course is fantastic. In few other sports can you chat and joke around while playing.

2. Golf Personalities that you admire. Were there any golfers, whether professional or amateur, who inspired you to take up the game? What impact did they have on your approach to the sport?

When it comes to professional golfers, I admire and follow Jon Rahm for his skills and because we share the same origins. Historically, of course, I also look up to Severiano Ballesteros. In terms of specific aspects of the game, Rory's driver is something we all dream of mastering. As for swings, there are many players I try to emulate, even though I'm infinite far from mimicking their flow. Among them are Morikawa, Schauffele, and Aberg… However, since the emergence of LIV Golf, I've lost much of my interest in watching golf on TV. Not having all the top players together has taken a lot away from the game. I used to spend the entire weekend playing and watching golf 24/7, but now I only play. Style-wise, Jason Day and Adam Scott are definitely the fashion heroes on the course.

3. We often compare Golf to actual Life itself. There are many instances that we can relate our rounds to our personal and professional life, moments of joy or sadness, overcoming obstacles, it teaches us integrity and honesty, you can name a few. How has playing golf influenced your personal development? Have you noticed changes in your mindset, discipline, or other areas of your life as a result of your dedication to the game?

I believe that golf perfectly embodies and highlights a person's values and character. You can quickly see if someone has patience, a good sense of humor, motivation, a positive attitude, and respect. If you don't have these qualities, this isn't your sport! Sometimes, you play with people who spend the entire round complaining—about their shots, their clubs, or even the course. For me, that's not enjoyable, and I prefer not to play with this people. I don't think golf has affected my personality in my personal or professional life. Instead, I believe my personality and outlook influence my game, especially in how to handle a bad shot. To play golf well, my reckon is that you need to have your head in the right place before, not try to fix it afterward.

4. Golf can bring you the most memorable moments. Can you share a particularly memorable experience or achievement from your golfing journey that stands out to you? What made it significant, and how did it shape your relationship with the sport?

I think there are unique moments right from the start. I remember getting my handicap and that first day out on the course, absolutely terrified. Other great moments I recall ar: the first time I lowered my handicap, my first par, my first birdie, and even now when I am able to hit a 260-meter drive straight, not often though. What also sticks in my memory are the spectacular places you visit thanks to this sport. I've been lucky enough to play on courses that I consider some of the best, both for their views and the course itself; Crans-Montana, Evian, Pedreña, La Hacienda Links, and hopefully many more in the future.

5. To conclude we would like your perspective on something that we are a part of – Golf Apparel. How has your perception of golf fashion evolved since you started playing? Have your own style choices on the course changed over time, and what do you think about the current trends in golf apparel?

The first thing I believe is that what is happening now was bound to occur sooner or later. It's also happening in other sports like tennis. Countless new golf brands have emerged, based on street style with influences from surfing and skateboarding. Every time I open Instagram's feed, I discover a new brand, each cooler and more stylish than the last. And it's not just cool new brands! There are podcasts, magazines, and influencers emerging thanks to this movement. Personally, I love it because I think golf needed to break away from that old, elitist, and boring style. As for the business side, based on my 15 years of experience in the retail/digital world, only a few of these new brands will survive in 3-5 years. The ones that will thrive will have a strong brand image built through a compelling story, the ability to innovate—where collaborations play an important role—and, most importantly, high-quality materials, which requires tight control over production.

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