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A Golfer's Journey - Dane Hall

A Golfer's Journey - Dane Hall

In this Golfer's Journey series, we explore the diverse paths that have led individuals to embrace the game of golf. Each story reflects unique backgrounds, experiences, and personal motivations, highlighting the transformative power of the sport. For many, golf is more than just a game; it’s a source of inspiration, a mental challenge, and a new passion that brings joy and fulfillment. Through these narratives, we aim to showcase the varied ways people discover and fall in love with golf, illustrating how it can become a significant and enriching part of their lives.

In this week's series, we introduce Dane Hall, an ex-pro surfer from the UK who discovered a love for golf in Portugal. Dane's journey began when his friend Joe reintroduced him to the sport after years of occasional play in his youth. Feeling burnt out from his surfing career, Dane sought a new challenge and quickly grew passionate about golf. He finds similarities between the precision required in surfing and golf and admires Rory McIlroy’s technique and dedication. Despite the ups and downs of learning a new sport, Dane enjoys the mental battle golf presents and embraces its unique culture, including the smart and formal fashion. His memorable experience of making a par at the Royal Óbidos golf course solidified his love for the game, offering him a new source of inspiration and joy.

Name: Dane Hall
Age: 35
Profession: Ex-Pro Surfer / Surf Instructor
Handicap: Beginner
Country: England living in Portugal

1. How did you get into golf? Can you describe the moment or experience that first sparked your interest in golf? Was it an event, a person, or a specific aspect of the game that drew you in?

Dane Hall got into golf consistently thanks to a really good friend of his. He played occasionally as a kid in England, often with friends who were professional golfers. However, his focus was on his surfing career, so he never played golf regularly during his teens. Recently, he started feeling a bit of burnout from surfing, having done it for so long. He wanted something new and different, a challenge in an area he wasn't proficient in. His good friend Joe introduced him to golf, and he started going with him. He quickly grew to enjoy it and saw the similarities between surfing and golf. The challenge and the opportunity to improve in a new sport drew him in.

2. Golf Personalities that you admire. Were there any golfers, whether professional or amateur, who inspired you to take up the game? What impact did they have on your approach to the sport?

Dane Hall has always admired Rory McIlroy because, even with his limited golf knowledge, it's clear that McIlroy's technique is perfect. This dedication and precision draw Dane to him, much like the technically perfect surfers he admired. Rory's skill and the effort required to achieve such perfection inspire him. He also enjoys following some YouTube golfers like Grant Horvat and the Bryan Brothers. They bring interesting personalities to the sport, which he finds appealing.

3. We often compare Golf to actual Life itself. There are many instances that we can relate our rounds to our personal and professional life, moments of joy or sadness, overcoming obstacles, it teaches us integrity and honesty, you can name a few. How has playing golf influenced your personal development? Have you noticed changes in your mindset, discipline, or other areas of your life as a result of your dedication to the game?

For Dane, playing golf is a constant mental battle. He experiences highs and lows; one moment he's hitting great shots, and the next, the worst. As he's still learning, it’s very much a mix of good and bad shots. One hole can be fantastic, and the next, disastrous. This back-and-forth challenges him to maintain a positive mindset even when things aren't going well. It’s a valuable lesson for life, teaching resilience and the importance of staying optimistic.

4. Golf can bring you the most memorable moments. Can you share a particularly memorable experience or achievement from your golfing journey that stands out to you? What made it significant, and how did it shape your relationship with the sport?

One memorable experience for Dane was making a par at the Royal Óbidos golf course. He had only been playing for a few months, and it was a sporadic effort. During one round with Joe and Cesar, he hit a great pitching wedge onto the green on the third hole, which is an island green. He managed to get the ball close to the pin and made a par. This early success gave him a sense of magic and hooked him onto the sport.

5. To conclude we would like your perspective on something that we are a part of – Golf Apparel. How has your perception of golf fashion evolved since you started playing? Have your own style choices on the course changed over time, and what do you think about the current trends in golf apparel?

Dane is relatively new to golf fashion, and it’s quite different from what he's used to in surfing. Golf clothes are smart and formal, which is a refreshing change for him. He enjoys dressing in polo shirts, nice trousers, shoes, and hats, as opposed to his usual t-shirts, flip-flops, and wetsuits. He likes the style of golf apparel and the various brands. It’s a new and enjoyable aspect of the sport for him.

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