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Matize Golf Presents: The Last Hole Challenge

Last week, we had the exciting opportunity to watch Pedro Figueiredo and João Pinto Basto compete at the stunning Royal Óbidos Golf Course. The serene atmosphere was charged with intensity as the match neared its conclusion. The tension reached its peak when both players approached the final hole, hole 18. With everything on the line, the outcome of this decisive hole would determine the winner. Both players and their partners showcased their skill and composure under pressure, making for a thrilling and unforgettable finish. Watching them navigate the challenges of hole 18 was a true testament to their talent and competitive spirit...

Pedro Figueiredo

Known as 'Figgy,' Pedro is a standout on the European Tour, where he's been competing since his ascent through the Challenge Tour in 2018, highlighted by a victory at the KPMG Trophy. An impressive amateur career set the foundation for his professional journey, winning the national championship in Portugal twice and triumphing internationally at the Irish Amateur Stroke Play and British Boys Championships.

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João Pinto Basto

João celebrated for his charismatic presence on and off the course, mirrored the vibrant energy of our latest designs. His engaging demeanor and skilled play lit up the course, making every frame a testament to the joy of the game.

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