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New collaboration for the 2023 Open de Portugal at Royal Óbidos

New collaboration for the 2023 Open de Portugal at Royal Óbidos

In 2023, we had a new opportunity to collaborate with the Portuguese Golf Federation to produce the official gear for the 2023 Open de Portugal, an event of great significance in European golf. The Portuguese Open has a long and storied history, making it one of the oldest and most iconic tournaments on the European golf calendar.

To truly appreciate the significance of this collaboration, it's important to understand the rich history of the Portuguese Open. The tournament predates the establishment of the European Tour in 1972 by almost two decades, having first teed off in 1953. This long-standing history showcases the enduring appeal and tradition of the Portuguese Open in the golf world.

As a testament to its importance, the Portuguese Open quickly became one of the founding events of the European Tour's first division when the tour was formally established in 1972. This means that the tournament has been a cornerstone of European professional golf for over half a century, contributing significantly to the growth and prestige of the European Tour.

Our collaboration with the Portuguese Golf Federation to create the official gear represents a coming together of tradition and innovation. Golfers and fans alike can look forward to high-quality apparel that not only pays homage to the event's rich heritage but also showcases the latest in golf fashion and performance technology.

Through this collaboration, we aim to contribute to the overall experience of the tournament, providing the players and attendees with exceptional attire that is both stylish and functional. The official gear will not only reflect the tournament's history but also help create a sense of unity and pride among those involved in this prestigious event.

This collaboration is a celebration of the tournament's enduring legacy and its status. It highlights the fusion of tradition and modernity in the world of golf and serves as a testament to the sport's timeless appeal and the ongoing efforts to enhance the golfing experience.
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