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Matize Crew Socks - 2 Pairs Pack

Matize Crew Socks - 2 Pairs Pack

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Our Performance Socks are made to last. The Padded Sole and Top Cushioning feature an extra-thick padded heel and toe, as well as a strategically designed padding located on the top of the sock, to ensure comfort while walking the course. For those standing on their feet all day will appreciate this padding, as it helps reduce pressure on the feet, prevent blisters and reduce leg and foot fatigue.

Made of 60% Cotton, 35% Nylon and 5% Elastane, these socks are ultra-soft and the padded design make them comfortable for all day wear. The Anti-odor technology and the Breathable mesh will prevent the buildup of stink and ensure the perfect temperature.

Designed for Golf but great for other sports, walking and everyday wear. These performance socks make great tennis socks and can be used for other athletic sports, like running. A light compression band around the arch of the foot ensures the sock stays in place and does not slip or slide.

Made in Portugal.

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