Collection: Season 01

On our premiere collection we wanted to focus on an element that constantly defies what we do and how we do it. This element is the wind. It shapes the way we play, and it dictates what we wear. Throughout the northwestern coast this chill and ever-present north wind is called “Nortada”.

This intriguing element brings out the character of both players and courses. There is never a dull moment as it can quickly escalate and put us out for the day. You can start with a little breeze and a windshield of about 25 degrees and return with gusting winds that will leave you chilled to the bone.

For as long as we can remember its presence represents an endless challenge specially during the spring and summer months. For this collection we want to focus on the versatility of our products. Lightweight and temperature-controlled fabrics with simple nuances of contemporary urban clothing. From our performance polos to our crewnecks and golf hoodies, we seek to enhance the quality of your game by making you feel comfortable and look stellar.

Our goal is to make you look your best on and off the course.